Anonymous asked: im 14 and all of my friends have had their first kiss and boyfriendss and i haven't had either. i feel so stupid and young. my parents say im not allowed a boyfriend or anything until in like 20... should i get one if i truely like someone?? x

It’s ok that you haven’t had a boyfriend or you first kiss yet! It’s not something that you should worry about. You are young!! 

So many parents say that because they are too scared to let you go and see you grow up. If you like someone go out with them, it’s ok not to tell your parents:) but I’m sure if he is a nice guy and your parents meet him they will be happy for you! You might have to scream at them and tell them you are mature enough and thats ok! 

Remeber you are and nothing need tonbe rushed:) good luck xx 

Anonymous asked: I have this friend. He's like my best friend, and were close friends and all but the only thing is that I'm jealous of him. like everything about him kinda pisses me off because I Envy him. I haven't told him that, but I just hate the fact that i secretly get so jealous him all the time. he's my bro but I don't know what to do. My problem is that I keep comparing myself to him all the time when i shouldn't be. what can I do to help to stop getting so jealous and to stop comparing myself to him?

I am sure there are so many things you have that he doesn’t:) keep your chin high, no one is better than anybody else some people just pretend to be better! 

You just need to realize that you are just as good as he is! Every time you go to compare yourself to him just think about something you have that he doesn’t. Hope I helped xx

Anonymous asked: hi, im 16 and i still haven't gotten my first "period" my friends tease me about it, what should i do ?

You should care what other people think, they tease you but they are probably trying to hide something who cares its not that big of a deal:) don’t let anyone get to you. But tell them you really don’t care, your happy how you are!

And trust me it’s a good thing you don’t have to go through with it very month! 


Anonymous asked: I have this crush who I talk to over text message. He lives in a different country and he has a girlfriend who is an overprotective bitch. His told me his liked me a couple times and he wants to meet me when he comes here, but I don't know if it's such a good idea cause his girlfriend says she wants to f**k me up. And I haven't told him how I feel cause I think it would ruin our friendship? What should I do? Meet him? Ignore the feelings?

DEFFINATLY MEET HIM:) but sometimes it’s best to tell someone how you feel. It’s could be awkward or ruin your friendship but who knows it might make something special! Tell him how you feel and if he doesn’t feel the same way pretend it never happened. And with his girlfriend well shes a little bit of a bitch. Ignore her and let her live her life! Good luck xox

Anonymous asked: PART 3!! years and i still am madly inlove with him i guess cause he was the first guy iv ever loved but i just dont know what to do :/ should i talk to him? wave? smile? just to see where we stand? :/ argh i just need help :( i dont think ill ever get over him....

I dont think anyone gets over their first crush! But next time you see him wave to him:) and then maybe the time after that go over and say hi. Gradually become closer to him again. If he keeps ignoring you ask why, maybe he isn’t the same anymore and it’s not worth it:/ but just try and get a blot closer with him:) xx

Anonymous asked: PART TWO!! to make the feelings go away :/ so then we stopped talking. but then they broke up and we beccame best friends but STILL liked each other and stuff but he was still hooking up with this girl :( so we havent talked for ages and iv apologised thinking iv done something wrong but he never replies:/ but at the bus stop and at the shops he always stares at me but never talks, texts, calls anything :/ just stares at me waiting for me to look then he looks away:/ so its been a bit under 2

Anonymous asked: PART ONE!! hey! mines pretty long and confusing but.. me and this guy had a thing for a year (never went out) and then told me he liked this other girl who everyone said was my twin, so i was like okay:/ and we stopped talking for ages but then we started again and he told me he liked me still and i said the same but then he went out with that girl but while he was going out with her he was telling all my friends that he liked me still but wasnt talking to me because he was trying

Anonymous asked: you actually seem like the loveliest person!

Aww thankyou:)

Anonymous asked: Heyy ! , Theres this guy that i really like , & we were on & off last year ... and now i really like him again! my bestfriend knows i like this guy soo much but she flirts with him soo much when i'm around, like touching him & everything! .. ever since she hooked up she flirts with everyone .. but she does it so much infront of my face .. what do i do? :( x

Tell her and explain what you see her doing, she way not realize it:) good luck xx